Elevating Caretakers’ Pay: A Victory for Equality at Queen’s University

Hi Brothers and Sisters,

I want to start this email by saying how proud I am of how united our union is right now.

Never have we been more united and strong — and this solidarity is being heard loud and clear by Queen’s University.

Our demands are no longer being ignored, and our collective power is allowing us to shape a vision for Queen’s University that we want!

A vision that includes quality services for students, faculty and staff so they can continue to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

A vision of fair and equitable pay with real wage increases to keep up with the rising cost of living, so we can continue to provide these quality services without financial worries and stress.

Helping Queen’s University tackle the world’s most significant challenges requires a community that values stability.

Stability isn’t about choosing whether you’re going to pay the rent this month or buy food.

Stability isn’t about trying to do the tasks of two people when there’s only one.

Stability is being recognized for the value you bring each day and being paid fairly without the fear of layoffs or contracting out.

We all want to do great work, and we do!

Today, I am happy to announce that after months of meetings, sleepless nights, and many cups of coffee — our collective power and our solidarity has made a positive step forward in our vision for Queen’s University!

In 2022 we won the battle for our foodservice brothers and sisters that work at the Donald Gordon Conference Centre — bringing pay parity with the food service workers that work on campus.

In 2023 I am happy to announce that we have secured a significant pay increase for our Caretakers, who have been plagued by a two-tiered pay system since 2015.

Effective July 1, 2023, Queen’s University has agreed to increase the starting wage of eligible Caretakers to $19.00, then $19.79 after 2 years and $20.55 after 5 years of service

This represents an increase of approximately 11.5% or up to $2.12 an hour.

We could not have done this without everyone standing together in solidarity.

But, this is only the beginning!

Our next battle starts next week and I want to personally invite you to attend.

On Tuesday June 20th at 11:30am we will hosting a rally along with the other unions on campus to put pressure and media attention on Queen’s University.

The rally will be held at the Agnes Benidickson Field, which is located behind Grant Hall.

The intention is to encourage Queens to reopen negotiations of wages in light of the unconstitutional law that prohibited us from getting more than 1% in our last round of collective bargaining.

So, I encourage you to please come and show your solidarity with your fellow brothers and sisters.

We will be providing free pizza starting at 11:30am followed by speeches from union leaderships at 12pm.

I hope to see you there as we continue to move boldly towards our vision for Queen’s University which includes fair and equitable wages for all!

In Solidarity,

Jesse Bambrick