Aramark’s Errors In Tracking Of Sick Time For Full-Time Employees.

An issue has come to our attention regarding Aramark’s tracking of sick time for full-time employees. If you are a full-time employee who has been with Queen’s Hospitality since before Aramark took over the contract in July 2020, please read on.

It seems that Aramark has made errors in calculating at least some of our members’ sick banks, especially as it concerns the amount of sick time we had on July 1, 2020, the day Aramark took over the contract from Sodexho. After one or two members’ issues came to our union leaders’ attention, we asked Aramark to give us the sick bank reports for all full-time members going back to July 1, 2020. It took them a while, but we received them this week.

We will be sending individual emails to the 84 members whose sick bank reports Aramark sent us. If you were a full-time employee with Sodexho and do not receive such an email from us this week, please contact us. When you receive your sick bank report, please check it against your own records to see if it is accurate. Look in particular for the amount of sick days transferred over from Sodexho on June 30, 2020, and an “adjustment” that was made in early July 2020.

If you find errors in your statement (especially if it’s lower than it should be), notify us immediately and be prepared to sign on to a group grievance which we will be submitting next week. We will bring copies of the grievance form for you to sign to the orientation sessions next week. If you miss us at the orientation sessions, please make arrangements to sign with one of us by the end of next week.

In solidarity,

Donnie, James, Amy